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Introducing our BRAND NEW line of products: single-ingredient meat food toppers!


These Pork Heart Sprinkles are made with locally sourced 100% USA-raised, human-grade pork hearts and NOTHING ELSE! The pork hearts are ground into sprinkles and can be put on top of kibbles dry or used to create a wet food topper by mixing equal parts sprinkles to water (ex. 1tsp Sprinkles to 1tsp water)!


Organ meats are some of the most nutrient dense foods you can feed your pets. They contain high levels of protein and are highly motivating for training and rewarding! Protein helps build and maintain healthy muscles, which is essential to keep your best friend in the best shape. Pork hearts also contain high levels of vitamins B12 and B2, which are necessary for cell maintenance and regeneration. It also contains high levels of phosphorous, zinc, and iron. These hearts are also packed with antioxidants!


Single Ingredient: human-grade pork hearts

Net Weight: 4oz of jerky in each package


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: min  76.8%

Crude Fat: min  7.56%

Crude Fiber: max  <0.55%

Moisture: max  11.57%

Ash:  3.78%

3.7 kcal/g

Pork Heart Sprinkles!

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