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What did the Dalmatian say after eating Cait's Canine Cookies? "That really hit the spot!"


I'm Cait, lover of all things punny and puppy alike! I love dogs of all shapes and sizes and think the best way to show them love is through spoiling them with treats! I am a firm believer that dogs are not just companions, they're a member of the family. Whether you're rewarding them for training accomplishments or just giving them treats for being a Good Boy or Girl, I have the treats for you!

I first started baking treats for our dog, Loki, after he developed crystals in his kidneys due to toxic ingredients in his puppy kibble. This caused me to constantly check the ingredients on everything we were feeding Loki, and I was shocked to see some of the things that were in the big-brand kibbles and treats...


So, I started baking my own treats for him!

We consulted with Loki's veterinarian and developed a recipe for gluten-free, all-natural biscuits. To our delight, once Loki tried his Mom's peanut butter-banana biscuits, he was hooked! Even better, bribing him with these treats cured his bad behavior and even helped teach him some pretty impressive tricks (like sitting and lying down!) and habits (like staying close off the leash!).


So, naturally, I continued baking! Ultimately, I realized that not only did baking help Loki, but it helped me! After four back surgeries that have completely altered my life, baking allowed me a new avenue to rehabilitate my back and find my passion in life: Baking healthy dog treats for all the good boys and girls in the world!

It truly brings me so much joy to bake dog treats, and I hope you and your dog will consider giving them a try! They are all gluten-free with absolutely no preservatives and made with limited, healthy ingredients! I really hope your dogs love them, and maybe they will help with training for you too!


My treats are ALL-NATURAL, HEALTHY, and contain NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES. I believe in using clean ingredients, because if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why feed it to your pet? Pets should be getting treats with no additives, excess sugars, or excess fats. My mission is to provide safe, healthy, and delicious treats for your dog while providing peace of mind to you. All treats are wheat-free, and chicken-free treat options are also available for dogs with allergies!

All ingredients used are sourced 100% in the USA.  I only use oat flour, unsweetened peanut butter, free-range chicken eggs, cheese, and fresh fruits and veggies, which are personally hand-selected by yours truly!  This ensures all treats are both delicious and nutritious!

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